Beach Seines with Schools

Beach Seines with Schools

In 2022, the MRC began a beach seine program for fourth grade students in the Bellingham School District. This project continued into 2023, expanding the opportunity to local tribal schools. Students attended a two hour field event where they observed the deployment and catch in a beach seine at Boulevard Park during the peak of the juvenile salmon outmigration period.

Seining events were preceded by a short talk from a Tribal elder or a guest scientist, who taught students about the importance of salmon to the Native American people and local ecosystem. Students were briefed on the significance of the intertidal corridor to juvenile salmon and were provided with field data sheets to record the seine catch.

"Marine intertidal zones are migratory corridors for juvenile salmon, much like the sidewalks we use along the shoreline".  - Mike MacKay, MRC member

Event 1 Results:

18 Chum salmon, 2 sculpins

Event 2 Results:

2 Chinook salmon, 1 Coho salmon, 16 Chum salmon, and 31 shiner perch

Event 3 Results:

42 Chum salmon, 1 Chinook salmon

Beach Seines with Schools