Eelgrass Protection

To further understand the distribution of subtidal eelgrass cover in Wildcat Cove, Washington Department of Natural Resources mapped bathymetry and vegetation using a single beam echosounder and a Multibeam sonar.  Submerged video was collected to truth the sonar data.

Wildcat Cove Mapping Report. (2023). Washington Department of Natural Resources. 

David Wallin, Western Washington University, used an Unoccupied Aerial System (UAS) to assess percent cover of eelgrass and algae and changes in cover between dates.

Wallin, D., Wildcat Cove Drone Survey Final Report. (2023). Western Washington University, Department of Environmental Studies

The MRC worked with Peak Sustainability to understand what key messaging strategies could foster a voluntary reduction of boat launch users driving onto the Wildcat Cove tide flat.

Wildcat Cove Social Marketing Analysis Report. (2023). Peak Sustainability Group.

Eelgrass Protection