Public Speaker Series

Public Speaker Series

The Public Speaker Series is jointly coordinated by the Whatcom MRC and the Whatcom Watershed Information Network (WWIN). The speaker series draws a diverse crowd and provides an opportunity for MRC members to connect with the community about marine resource issues or topics. 

Developing educational events and materials, coordinating volunteer projects, and partnering with other groups to facilitate collaborative workshops and projects are commitments of the Whatcom MRC. The Whatcom MRC and the Whatcom Watershed Information Network hosts and participates in a variety of community events including public speaker events, summits, and open houses. These activities are designed to involve the community and create a greater awareness of marine resources and the issues that surround them.

2021 Speaker Series Events

  • Seabed Mining: "The Dawn of an Industry" and the need for a precautionary approach - Lee First, Twin Harbors Waterkeeper and Liz Schotman, Washington Regional Manager, Surfrider Foundation.  See PowerPoint HERE.
  • Car Tires Killing Coho - New Research - Jen McIntrye, Washington State University.  Watch video HERE.
  • Tribal Fishing Culture - We’ve gone from Honoring Salmon to Protecting Salmon and from Sustaining a Way of Life to Preserving a Way of Life - Frank Lawrence III, Lummi Nation, George Swanaset Jr. “Yel7qaynem”, Nooksack Indian Tribe.  Watch video HERE.
  • CoSMoS Modelling for Whatcom County - Eric Grossman, PhD, Research Geologist, U.S. Geological Survey and Ian Miller, PhD, Coastal Hazards Specialist, Washington SeaGrant.  Watch video HERE.

2020 Speaker Series Events

  • Climate Action Planning in Whatcom County - Chris Elder, Whatcom County (April 2, 2020).  See PowerPoint presentation here.
  • Monitoring Forage Fish in the Salish Sea - Lisa Hillier, Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife.  See presentation here.  
  • Local and Broadscale Patterns of Sea Star Recovery - Melissa Miner, Researcher, UC Santa Cruz.  See PowerPoint presentation HERECOVID-19 Effects on the Local Fishing Industry  - Pete Granger, Whatcom Working Waterfront Coalition.  Zoom recording of both presentations HERE.
  • Tsunami Hazards in Whatcom County - Dr. Carrie Garrison-Laney, Tsunami Hazards Specialist and PMEL Liaison, Washington Sea Grant. Tsunami Planning for Whatcom County - John Gargett, Deputy Director, Whatcom County Sheriff's Office.  Zoom recording of both presentation HERE.

    For more information visit:

    NOAA Comprehensive tsunami website:

    Washington Department of Natural Resources Tsunami pages/reports

    Washington Emergency Management Division Tsunami information and Tsunami Roadshow archive

  • Defending Drayton Harbor: Managing the recent invasion of European Green Crab collaboratively - Emily Grason, Washington SeaGrant, Chelsey Buffington, Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife (WDFW), Alexandra Simpson, Northwest Straits Commission, April Fleming, WDFW, Lindsey Parker, WDFW. Zoom recording available HERE.


Public Speaker Series